How to Get the Penguin Suit in "New Super Mario Bros. U" for Wii U


In "New Super Mario Bros. U," power-up items give Mario an advantage over long-time nemesis Bowser and his army of Koopas. The Penguin Suit power-up made its debut in the original "New Super Mario Bros." game. In this adventure, the Penguin Suit isn't available until you defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. After beating the game, you unlock Superstar Road, a secret world where you can find the Penguin Suit in a Mushroom House.

  • Defeat the final boss, Bowser, in the last level of World 8. This unlocks World 9, Superstar Road.

  • Collect all the Star Coins in any world to unlock levels in Superstar Road. You unlock one level for each completed world.

  • Go to the World Select menu and choose "World 9."

  • Complete any level on the Superstar Road map. Beating a level opens a bridge to one of four Mushroom Houses.

  • Cross any bridge to enter a Mushroom House.

  • Play one of two minigames inside the Mushroom House. In one game, Toad shows you five items, then hides the items in blocks. The blocks will shuffle and switch places. When the blocks finish shuffling, pick the one that holds the Penguin Suit. In the second game, you need to bring three different colored baby Yoshis to Toad. Each Yoshi swallows a panel containing an item. Find the Yoshi that swallowed the Penguin Suit and carry it to Toad.

  • Exit the Mushroom House and go to any world map.

  • Press "B" to open your inventory. Highlight the Penguin Suit and press "A" to equip it.

Tips & Warnings

  • The inventory holds up to 10 items. You can't use inventory items while playing a level.
  • When Mario wears the Penguin Suit, he can throw snowballs that freeze enemies. The power-up also stabilizes his swimming ability.
  • Each level has three Star Coins for you to find.
  • Beat all eight levels and collect all the Star Coins in Superstar Road to unlock a secret ninth level.

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