How to Breathe After a Workout


It might be tempting to stop and completely rest after a tough workout -- your body is tired and so are you. But before you check out after your workout, give your body enough time to properly cool down. Proper breathing after a workout can give you a chance to catch your breath, but it also slows your breathing rate, decreases your body's oxygen demand and helps you relax, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Catch your breath and restore your body before your workout is truly over.

Use diaphragmatic breathing to help your body cool down.
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Things You'll Need

  • Mat
Step 1

Lie on an exercise mat. Place your hand over your belly.

Step 2

Draw in a breath through your nose, pulling the air deep into your belly so you see your hand rise. Breathe in for a count of seven.

Step 3

Push the air out through your mouth for a count of eight and repeat the cycle for at least five cycles or as long as you need to feel relaxed and as though you've caught your breath after a vigorous workout.

Step 4

Stand up and engage in a post-workout stretching routine as you continue to breathe. Stretch each of the major muscle groups, focusing on relaxation as you lengthen and stretch the arms and shoulders, back and chest, core and legs one at a time.

Step 5

Use abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing any time you feel out of breath or as though your body isn't getting the oxygen that it needs. It's also an excellent way to lower stress levels.

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