How to Make a Calculator in "Minecraft"


Minecraft is a building game that allows you to create your own three-dimensional world out of textured cubes. It is also one of those games that allows the player to interact with the world that he has created, using the game's survival mode. As with various types of independently produced Java-based games, Minecraft's programming allows the user to sometimes go beyond the regular code to use glitches in the programming to do things other than what the game was intended to do, such as serving as a calculator.

  • Place a switch on one of the Minecraft build screens using the place switch function. Count over four squares to the right and place a second switch. Three spaces should exist between the first and second switch.

  • Put one stone block two squares away from the first switch. On the screen, this placement would occur in the upward vertical direction, which means that you should place the block two spaces directly in front of you, if considered from a three-dimensional perspective.

  • Place additional blocks immediately to the right on every other space. You should now have three blocks, with two spaces between the outside blocks and the blocks in the middle.

  • Add two blocks to the original box. Place these in the upward or forward direction so that you now have three blocks in a row. Skip a space and then place two more blocks adjacent to one another.

  • Place an additional block adjacent to the top of the block on the right-hand side of your block collection. This will leave two blocks in place immediately above the switch on the right. Skip a space and add an additional block. Add one final block to the space immediately to the left of the block you skipped. This block should touch the corners of the blocks that you just laid.

  • Connect the switches to the blocks using the red stone laying feature. Place an additional three red stones behind the middle block on the first row. This should connect this block to the block in the back in the middle.

  • Place torches in several locations around the blocks. Start by placing one on the inside of the first block on the first row on the left-hand side. Place one on the inside of the block above it as well. Also put torches on the inside of both of the first two stones on the far right-hand side. On the two cornerstones farthest away from the switches, place a torch on the back side of each.

  • Add additional torches in the appropriate places on the top of the stones. Start with the two front cornerstones. Place torches on top of each. Add one torch to the top of the stone adjacent to the back cornerstone on the left. Add one more to the top of the stone in the middle in the back.

  • Wire the stones together using the red stone laying function. Add these to the top of each of the stones in the configuration. From the upper square stone on the right side, add two of the red stones immediately to the right and then one vertically to the end of the last one of these. It should form an "L" shape.

  • Put blocks over the front two torches. Also add three more over the red stones laid in the middle of the configuration and one to the space diagonally between the upper left and upper center block.

  • Add torches to these blocks that you just laid by placing one on the front of the first block, one on the inside of the stone in the far back left-hand side and two more, one on the opposite side of the block on the left-hand side and one two blocks down from there.

  • Place a torch in the space between the stones on the far right-hand side. Add a stone over the top of it and then go under the stone and destroy the torch. Place a red stone on top of the block above the torch that you just destroyed. Add a block on top of the red stone on the block immediately adjacent to that stone to cut off the circuit between the two.

  • Create additional cut-offs by adding stones above the front left torch and the one in the back on the far left. Use red stones to connect the two cut-offs that you just added.

  • Create a carry-in feed by laying red stones on the front two squares in front of the torch in the middle of the of the front row of your stone configuration. From the left middle block, create an output with red stones that go out from the main stone three spaces. Add a door on the fourth space. Add red stone to the space between the front left and middle left stone.

  • Place additional red stone blocks from the other outputs that you created leading off of the main block. Place a stone and a torch at the end of each of these.

Tips & Warnings

  • The calculator you create will add numbers in binary. It helps to be proficient in reading and understanding binary code to interpret the results. The switches and doors in the calculator indicate what your numbers are. Open doors are equivalent to "1," while closed doors equal "0."

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