How to Replace Tabs From Oracle Output


Horizontal tab characters can cause formatting errors in Oracle output because computer operating systems do not always look at tabs the same. With a Unix OS, the presence of a tab means "move to the right until the current column is a multiple of 8." For Windows and Mac OS X, a tab is interpreted as a multiple of 4. Custom tab configurations sometimes set tabs to multiples of 2. Replacing “chr(9)” -- the ASCII code for a tab -- with a set number of spaces ensures the format of Oracle output remains consistent no matter which operating system you or others use.

  • Write a standard SQL SELECT statement to generate output that reveals whether your content contains tab spaces. The SELECT statement uses a wildcard character to ensure the statement checks all the records in a table, a WHERE filtering clause and the LIKE operator as a matching parameter. For example, if you want to display as output and then examine all tab instances in an Oracle customer information table, write the SELECT statement as:

    SELECT * from customer_info WHERE column LIKE chr(9);

  • Write another SQL command starting with telling Oracle that you want to update information in the customer_info table. Start the statement with an UPDATE command:

    UPDATE customer_info

  • Tell Oracle to remove and replace all tab instances in each column of the customer_info table with a specific number of spaces -- three spaces in this example -- by adding an Oracle-specific, PL/SQL function to your UPDATE statement. As an alternative you can omit the “space” instruction, but Oracle will then remove the tabs and replace them with nothing.

    SET column = REPLACE(column,chr(9),' ', ' ', ' ');

  • View the new output:

    SELECT * from customer_info;

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