How to Fix a Samsung With Clicking Problems


Samsung manufactures plasma, LCD and LED televisions. Regardless of what kind of screen your TV has, or the line to which it belongs, troubleshooting a Samsung television that clicks, ticks and pops begins with isolating the source of the problematic noises.

Noises from Speakers

  • Examine any cables connected to your Samsung TV. Damaged coaxial cables or power cords will interfere with the strength of the signal and flow of electricity to your TV, compromising its sound quality.

  • Secure any loose cable or power cord connections, and replace any damaged cables.

  • Reset your set-top receiver box. If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, your signal travels through this box before airing on your TV screen. Resetting the box forces it to scan for the latest software upgrades from your service provider. In some cases, this fixes problems with distorted audio.

  • Change your Samsung's audio settings by using your remote to navigate to the audio menu. Samsung offers features like digital noise reduction, auto volume and low noise amplifier, which eliminate static, control fluctuating audio levels and improve weak audio signals. Turn these features off.

  • Download the latest firmware and software updates for your specific Samsung TV model from the company's Download Center (see the link in Resources). This option isn't available for all Samsung models, and may not fix all issues.

Noises Coming from Inside TV

  • Remove the back panel of your Samsung television using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  • Look for capacitors inside your unit. Capacitors are small, cylindrical devices, which hold and maintain an electric charge. They are attached to everything from your Samsung's audio board to the backlight.

  • Examine the inside of your TV for signs of a failing capacitor. Failing capacitors expand as they overheat; it's this expansion that creates a cracking or clicking sound.

  • Look for signs of a failed capacitor. A failed capacitor may have a popped top or a slit in its side; it may emit an acrid smell.

  • Contact Samsung's customer support website to schedule a service appointment. Samsung TVs have a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor, but this warranty is nullified if you take the TV apart and attempt to fix the issue on your own.

Tips & Warnings

  • A failed or failing capacitor cannot be repaired; instead, it must be replaced by an experienced electrician or TV repair person.
  • Unplug your Samsung from its power source before troubleshooting this problem.

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