How to Make a Powder Coating Fluid Bed for Lure Making

A fluid bed is a device that is used to evenly coat lures and jig heads with powder paint. The fluid bed suspends the powder paint, allowing you to get an even coat while swishing the jig head through the paint. This reduces your chances of clogging the eye of the jig head, making it easier to slip a fishing line through it.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-inch PVC male adapter
  • 2-inch PVC female adapter
  • Airline tubing
  • Tee connector
  • 12-inch-square wood board
  • Coffee filters
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Drill
  • Caulk
  • Control valve
  • Powder paint


    • 1

      Drill a hole into the side of the female adapter, making sure the hole is 1/2 inch from the bottom of the adapter.

    • 2

      Glue the female adapter down to the wood base board, using calk or a glue gun depending on personal preference. Glue around the entire circular base of the female adapter to keep it firmly in place.

    • 3

      Plug your air pump into a wall socket or external power supply. Try to purchase an air pump with two outputs so you can attach the pump to multiple fluid beds if need be.

    • 4

      Attach your plastic airline tubing to the the air pump, sliding and fastening a control valve onto the other end of the tubing to allow for air created by the pump to flow out of the valve.

    • 5

      Place a coffee filter directly under the male PVC adapter, making sure the coffee filter is flat as you do so. With the coffee filter on the bottom of the PVC adapter, screw the male adapter into the female adapter until it is tight.

    • 6

      Pour the powder paint into the adapter and turn on the air pump. Make sure your control valve is closed before you turn on the air pump. Open the control valve slightly after turning the pump on, continuing to open it until a small cloud of powder paint is formed.

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