How to Crochet a Beanie With a Brim


Beanie hats are especially popular during the winter months, because they hug the head quite effectively to help keep the cold away. Made of wool or cotton, these stylish hats can easily be modified to suit any age or size. You can crochet your own beanie hat with a unique brim easily, even if you're new to the craft. Beanie hats are built with the simplest of crochet stitches, and you just need a few basic skills to create this piece in less than a day.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Safety pin
  • Fusible interface
  • Scissors
  • Iron (optional)
  • Yarn needle

Crochet the Main Hat

  • Start your chain-stitch by making a slip knot out of yarn and holding it between the thumb and middle finger of your non-dominant hand. In your other hand place the crochet hook and slip it through the hoop. Loop the yarn from the ball over your index finger, then use your index finger to wrap the yarn from back to front around the shaft of the hook. Loop the yarn around the crochet hook and pull through to make your first chain-stitch.

  • Chain-stitch 10 stitches and slip-stitch them together to form a circle. Mark the beginning of your row with a safety pin so you know when you’ve crocheted around the circle, as you're not joining rows, but increasing the circumference by adding the stitches.

  • Crochet two stitches per single stitch in your second row so you have 20 stitches, doubling your chain stitch. Add 10 more stitches to each subsequent row until you reach 60 stitches.

  • Single-stitch individual rows until your beanie hat base reaches the size you want. You'll know the beginning of the rows by the location of the safety pin as this method will create a continuous circle. Wear it for size as you go. It should just touch the top of your ears.

Add the Brim

  • Single-stitch a row of 25 stitches to the front of the hat. In the next row, slip-stitch the first chain, turn your hat and crochet the remaining row -- skipping the last stitch on the main part of the hat -- then turn your hat again and chain-stitch the next row, skipping the first stitch on each row. Continue doing this for 16 rows.

  • Place the brim against the fusible interface and cut the interface to fit the size of the brim. It should nestle against the rim of the main hat, but shouldn't show at either end of the brim.

  • Press the fusible interface on the underside of the brim with your iron, towards the main part of the hat. Fold over the remaining brim and sew it with the yarn needle and remaining thread to finish the hat.

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