How to Edit the Silverlight Datagrid

Learning how to edit a DataGrid control in your Silverlight project can make your application more dynamic by editing cell values quickly. You can develop Silverlight projects using C# and XAML. XAML is a markup language that can simplify the creation of user interface elements such as DataGrids and buttons. One way you can populate a DataGrid is by using a “List” class. A “List” can be thought of like an array of objects that can be accessed by index.

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio


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      Launch Microsoft Visual Studio, click the “New Project” link to launch the New Project dialog window. Expand “Other Language” below Installed Templates and click “Silverlight.” Double-click “Silverlight Application” to create a new project. Leave the default settings in the New Silverlight Application dialog window and click “OK.”

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      Double-click “DataGrid” to add a new data grid control to your project. Add a button using the same technique. Double-click “Button” to launch the code module and create a click event for the button. Add the following code to edit the grid with new values when the button is clicked:

      List<Authors> newAuthors = new List<Authors>()

      new Authors()
      Name = &quot;Jaime&quot;,
      Username = &quot;Shadow&quot;,
      Language = &quot;VB.NET&quot;
      new Authors()
      Name = &quot;Oscar&quot;,
      Username = &quot;admin&quot;,
      Language = &quot;Python&quot;
      dataGrid1.ItemsSource = newAuthors;
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      Copy and paste the following code below “namespace SilverlightApplication {” to create a new class:

      public class Authors

      public string Name { get; set; }
      public string Username { get; set; }
      public string Language { get; set; }
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      Populate the DataGrid control with values when you launch your program by adding the following code:

      DataGridTextColumn textColumn1 = new DataGridTextColumn();

              textColumn1.Header = &quot;Name&quot;;
      textColumn1.Binding = new Binding(&quot;Name&quot;);

      DataGridTextColumn textColumn2 = new DataGridTextColumn();
      textColumn2.Header = &quot;Username&quot;;
      textColumn2.Binding = new Binding(&quot;Username&quot;);

      DataGridTextColumn textColumn3 = new DataGridTextColumn();
      textColumn3.Header = &quot;Language&quot;;
      textColumn3.Binding = new Binding(&quot;Language&quot;);

      List&lt;Authors> author = new List&lt;Authors>()
      new Authors()
      Name = &quot;Brandon&quot;,
      Username = &quot;The Reddest&quot;,
      Language = &quot;C#&quot;
      new Authors()
      Name = &quot;Charlie&quot;,
      Username = &quot;The Fattest&quot;,
      Language = &quot;ActionScript&quot;

      dataGrid1.ItemsSource = author;

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      Press the “F5” key to run your project and view the default values. Edit the DataGrid control by clicking the “Button” control.

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