How to Flash My BlackBerry Storm to Metro PCS

One method of transferring your phone service while keeping the same BlackBerry is to "flash" the device to the new network. If you have a BlackBerry Storm, you can move it to Metro PCS by following a specific set of steps for flashing your device. To get started, you'll need to connect your device to your computer with BlackBerry Desktop Manager; if you don't already have it installed, do so before you begin.


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      Install phone flashing software on your computer through any number of phone flashing services. Some choices include UnlockToTalk (, Your Cellular ( or Super KC Phones (

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      Hook up your BlackBerry device to your computer via the BlackBerry USB cable, and then open BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Enable Mass Storage Mode if prompted on your device screen, and then hide Desktop Manager -- but don't close it completely.

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      Open your computer's Start menu, and then select Settings, Control Panel, System and Hardware. From the Hardware menu, click Device Manager.

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      Click on the Ports menu to open it. Right click on the item that says COM Port, and then select Properties from the menu that appears, and then select Port Settings, and then Advanced Settings in the new window that appears. Click the dropdown menu that lists the COM Ports available, and then click on COM Port 1. Close the windows you just opened by pressing OK in each one.

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      Perform the same actions you performed in Step 4 with the second COM Port that you see in the Ports menu. When you get to the available ports, select COM Port 2. Close all the windows you currently have open, including the Device Manager.

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      Select the Start menu and then select Programs, QPST, and QPST Configuration. From the popup box that appears, click Start Clients, and then Service Program. Select the device you are working with -- in this case the name could be "BB" or "Unknown" -- from the Service Program page, then click OK.

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      Select "BB" from the Select Base Model window that appears on your screen, and click OK.

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      Select Roam from the new window that appears on your screen. Click Browse to find and then click on the file that contains the Metro PCS PRL code -- the code that flashes your device to the new network. When you installed the program in Step 1, you should have received instructions specific to the code provider company in where to place your PRL code.

      You should have also obtained an ESP code from the company; type it into the Enter Service Program box that appears, and then click OK.

    • 9

      Close all windows and select "No" if you see any permission windows appear on your screen. Your device will now start rebooting.

    • 10

      Turn on your Mobile Connections by pressing the BlackBerry icon and selecting Manage Connections, and then selecting the Mobile Connections check box.

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