What Piping Tip Is Used for Drop Flowers?

What Piping Tip Is Used for Drop Flowers? thumbnail
Use drop flower tips to vary the size of flowers on decorated cakes.

Drop flowers are flowers used to decorate cakes and are made by resting a piping tip close to the surface of the cake and “dropping” the flowers as the piping bag is squeezed. Other types of flowers are made with tips that shape individual petals of different sizes. Drop flower tips allow all the petals to be formed at the same time. The size and shape of the flower is determined by the size of the drop flower tip and the amount of spaces it has for decorator icing to pass through.

Things You'll Need

  • Drop flower tips
  • Piping bag
  • Decorator icing
  • Rubber scraper
  • Decorator nail
  • Scissors
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      Use small drop flower tips to form tiny flowers for borders at the base of cake layers or where layers meet. Insert a small drop flower tip into your piping bag with four or six slots in star shapes or a swirled pattern for flowers around the top edges of layers and to add depth to groups of other types of frosting flowers.

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      Choose medium-sized drop flower tips for flowers with larger petals and a more three-dimensional appearance. These types of flowers are appropriate for the top tier of a multilayer cake or as additions to groups of roses or other more intricate frosting flowers. Insert a medium-sized drop flower tip into your piping bag and add these flowers to the tops of layers or around the sides of the cake to connect draped frosting lines for a classic look.

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      Insert large drop flower frosting tips into the end of your piping bag for flowers that create drama and depth to the top layer of multilayer cakes or as the centerpiece of a smaller cake. Use a variety of colors for these flowers, as they will accompany tulips, roses and other one-petal-at-a-time flower constructions to create the look of real blossoms. Add decorator icing to the bag with a rubber scraper after inserting the tip and roll the end of the bag until a slow flow of frosting from the tip is produced. Pipe these flowers right onto the cake or create them on parchment paper or a decorating nail, and move them to the cake with scissors.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice making small and medium-sized drop flowers on parchment paper to get the right flow of frosting through your drop flower tip before making them on the cake.

  • Add edible pearls or other small decorations to the center of each drop flower to create a finished look on your cake.

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