Tutorial for SNMP in PHP

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The SNMP protocol is an older solution for remotely auditing and managing information about network resources. You can use this protocol in PHP to retrieve information about a remote resource on the network. The PHP language includes libraries for the SNMP protocol to remotely query an object and retrieve a list of data values regarding the network resource's services and configurations.

  • Right-click the PHP file you want to edit and select "Open With." Click your preferred PHP editor.

  • Use the following function to connect to the device on your network:

    $device = snmpget("", "public", "system.SysContact.0");

    Replace the IP address with the IP address of the device you want to access.

  • Retrieve information about the device. The following code gets a list of data from the device:

    $data snmp_read_mib('./MIB.txt');

    Replace "MIB.txt" with the MIB file that contains the SNMP information on the device.

  • Print the output to the browser window. The following code prints the data to the browser for your review:

    print_r( snmprealwalk('$data, 'FOO-BAR-MIB::table' );


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