How to Transfer From Seedbox to Seedbox

Seedboxes are dedicated servers for file hosting, most commonly used for sharing and distributing files with others through FTP, or file transfer protocol, and other clients. If you need to organize your files or move your data to a new server, you can transfer files between seedboxes with an external FTP client, regardless of your hosting server.


    • 1

      Open your FTP client, such as FlashFXP, FTPRush or SmartFTP.

    • 2

      Click "Tools" and select "Site Manager." Create a "New Site."

    • 3

      Enter the information for your first hosting server. You will need the hosting address, username and the password for the account.

    • 4

      Create another new site for your second hosting server. Enter your login information for this account, as well.

    • 5

      Connect to both servers. Your log should indicate a successful connection, or any problems encountered with the server or inaccurate login information.

    • 6

      Locate your seedbox directory within each server, using the internal browser windows to navigate the server's directories. Drag and drop the files from one server to the other to begin the FXP, or file exchange protocol, process.

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