How to Identify the Ghosts in the Ghost Tower in "Pokemon FireRed"


In “Pokemon FireRed,” the tower in Lavender Town is home to several species of spooky Pokemon. These Ghost-type Pokemon will be beneficial to your team because the specters can learn a variety of elemental attacks. In addition, due to their intangible forms, Ghost-type Pokemon are immune to Normal- and Fighting-type moves. While you can visit the tower as soon as you enter Lavender Town, you’ll need to obtain the Silph Scope in order to identify and capture the ghosts.

  • Play through the game until you arrive in Lavender Town, a small community in eastern Kanto.

  • Visit the Pokemon Tower in the east section of Lavender Town. While your chances of encountering a ghost are high, your inability to identify the opponent will render your Pokemon too scared to move during battle. Your only choice is to flee the battle and the tower.

  • Exit Lavender Town via the town’s western exit. You will arrive on Route 8. Continue west.

  • Pass through Saffron City and leave the city via the western exit. You will arrive on Route 7, a short road that leads to Celadon City.

  • Visit the Celadon Game Corner in the heart of Celadon City.

  • Walk to the rear of the casino and examine the poster on the wall. This will open a secret staircase in the corner of the room. Descend the stairs into the Team Rocket Hideout.

  • Navigate to the fourth basement floor of the underground lair. Expect to battle numerous Team Rocket members as you descend through the base. Your opponents’ Pokemon will be around level 20.

  • Defeat the Team Rocket member in the northwest corner of the fourth basement. He will give you the Lift Key item.

  • Return to the first basement floor and enter the elevator in the southeast corner of the area. Ride the elevator back to the fourth basement floor.

  • Defeat Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. His Onix and Rhyhorn are weak to Grass- and Water-type attacks, while his Kangaskhan is vulnerable to Fighting-type moves. After the battle, he will surrender the Silph Scope item.

  • Return to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. As you encounter specters throughout the building, the Silph Scope will reveal their identities. Most apparitions will now appear as either a Gastly, a Ghost- and Poison-type Pokemon, or a Haunter, the evolved form of Gastly. Capture these Pokemon to add them to your team or knock them out to gain experience points.

  • Navigate to the top floor of the Pokemon Tower. You will encounter a ghost that the Silph Scope will identify as a Marowak. You cannot capture this Pokemon, so defeat it with Water-, Grass- or Ice-type attacks to proceed through the game.

Tips & Warnings

  • After defeating Giovanni, you can further explore the Team Rocket base to find additional items, such as Max Ether and Calcium. Use these items to enhance your Pokemon’s abilities during battle or sell them for money at PokeMarts.
  • Most of the Team Rocket members will use Normal-type Pokemon, which are weak to Fighting-type attacks, or Poison-type Pokemon, which are weak to Ground- and Psychic-type moves.

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