How to Make a Playing Card Dress for an ABC Party

An ABC party, also known as an "Anything But Clothes" party, is, as its name suggests, a social gathering in which guests ditch traditional articles of clothing in favor of outfits made from other objects. Before an ABC party, guests create elaborate costumes out of a range of objects, such as feathers, compact discs, magazine clippings or wrapping paper. A dress crafted out of playing cards, while unique, is also classic and reminiscent of a variety of themes, from Alice and Wonderland to Las Vegas.

Things You'll Need

  • Garbage bag
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • 2 yards satin ribbon


    • 1

      Cut a hole in the top center of the garbage bag to create an opening through which you can slip your neck and head.

    • 2

      Cut armholes on the side of the bag, near the top.

    • 3

      Pull the bag over your head and squeeze your arms into the armholes. Gather the bag around your waist to make it more form fitting. Use tape to secure your alterations.

    • 4

      Tape playing cards around the entirety of the dress. Create a ring around the bottom of the dress, then work your way upward, layering the cards until the dress is covered.

    • 5

      Tie a ribbon around your waist, to give the dress some feminine flair.

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