How to Avoid Thick Hair on the Face

Providing advice to men trying to speed the growth of facial hair has become something of a cottage industry in the world of men's grooming, but much less good, clear advice exists for men trying to avoid thick hair on the face. While you can't directly control how thick or thin your facial hair grows in, you can use different grooming strategies to keep things at bay and reverse visible growth in areas where you want your facial hair to be thinner.

Things You'll Need

  • Beard trimmer
  • Tweezers
  • Wax kit


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      Use a beard trimmer on your face regularly. Run your trimmer along the area where you want to thin out the hair. The length of comb you decide to use with your trimmer will determine how long or short the hair will be once you have thinned it out. The longer the comb, the longer the hair will be.

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      Pull out hairs in areas you want to thin out using tweezers. Wash your face thoroughly using hot water and antibacterial soap before you use tweezers. This will help to prevent bacterial infection that can result in ingrown hairs. Make sure you pull out the entire hair in a sharp, rapid motion.

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      Wax parts of your face where the hair is growing more thickly than you want it to. Purchase a home waxing kit and place the waxing strips on the area. Depending on the size of the area you want to wax and the shape and size of the strips, it may be necessary for you to cut or tear a strip in half before you apply it to the area you are trying to thin out.

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      Eat less protein. Protein helps the growth of human hair, including facial hair, so eating less of it may help to slow down growth and thin out your facial hair.

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