Instructions for How to Reset the Pilot Light on a Modine Gas Heater

Modine gas heaters are meant for heating single rooms or garages. Each heater has a pilot reset button that needs to be pressed if the power goes out while the unit is in use. Resetting the Modine heater’s pilot light to factory settings ensures the pilot will light the next time you turn on your heater. If the pilot doesn’t light, the heater won’t work.

Things You'll Need

  • Match


    • 1

      Turn off the Modine heater’s power. Turn off the gas valve that leads to the heater.

    • 2

      Turn the unit back on and turn the gas valve to the unit back on.

    • 3

      Open the pilot light door on the Modine heater and light the match.

    • 4

      Hold the match up to the pilot light and hold the reset button, the little red button that says “Pilot Reset” inside the pilot door. Hold the button for 60 seconds after the pilot lights.

    • 5

      Shut the pilot door.

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