How to Upgrade a Miller Econotig

The Miller Econotig is a now discontinued, entry level “TIG” welder that was manufactured by Miller Welding Products. TIG is an acronym for “Tungsten Inert Gas.” Less commonly, the acronym GTAW for “Gas Tungsten Arc Welder” is also used. TIG welders are similar to arc, or “stick,” welders except that they use a nonconsumable welding tip (called a “torch”) made of tungsten and they shield the weld with an inert gas. The most common gas used is argon, but mixtures of helium and argon or helium alone are also used. Virtually all aluminum welds are made with TIG welders.

Things You'll Need

  • TIG torch
  • Gas hose
  • Gas tank
  • Gas regulator
  • Foot control


    • 1

      Buy a new torch. TIG torches can be either air cooled or water cooled. If you invest in a water cooled torch, you will also need to purchase a hose and fittings.

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      Buy a new gas hose. Because the Econotig is an entry level welder, the gas hose included with the device is also entry level. If you are a metal artist or you aspire to be a professional welder, you might want to consider a better hose.

    • 3

      Buy a gas tank. Out of the box, the Econotig can only be used for arc welding. You must buy your own gas tank and fill it with either helium or argon. The cooler gas is argon. Helium gets much hotter, so it is unusable for some TIG applications.

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      Upgrade your gas regulator. Some Econotig models do not include a gas regulator and if you want to do TIG welding you must have one.

    • 5

      Buy a foot control if your welder did not come with one. Some Econotig models come with hand controls instead, which leaves you with only one hand to weld.

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