How to Make '80's Braided-Ribbon Barrettes

Braided ribbon barrettes, popular during the 1980s, are a fun and functional hair accessory. These barrettes actually hold your hair in place, unlike hair accessories that are merely for decoration. Braided ribbon barrettes are not big and bulky like the majority of hair accessories during the '80s, so they are appropriate for all age groups. If make them yourself, you can choose the colors and have one for every outfit.

Things You'll Need

  • 2" double bar barette
  • 2 yards 1/8" satin ribbon (1 yard per color)
  • Glitter or beads (optional)


    • 1

      Center the two ribbons at the top of the barrette with one over the other. They will both show equally, so don't worry about which is on top.

    • 2

      Holding both pieces, fold the right side of ribbon over the barrette and through the center to the other side. Fold the left side toward the right, over the first bar and through the center.

    • 3

      Continue braiding the ribbons through the barrette until you reach the bottom. Thread the last ribbon through tightly, leaving all the streamers on one side.

    • 4

      Complete the ribbon with some glitter or beads at the bottom of the ribbon for extra pizzaz.

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