How to Increase Volume at a Used Car Dealership

To increase the volume of car sales at a used car dealership, multimedia marketing strategies should be used. In addition to local newspaper, radio and television advertisements, online marketing will increase your customer base by allowing your inventory to be explored by the increasing number of buyers who search for used cars via the Internet. By combining thorough marketing strategies with competitive offers, your dealership can experience a substantial increase in customer traffic.


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      Place an advertisement in local newspaper classifieds. Include some of your best used car offers to make your dealership competitive with other advertising dealers. Also, show the versatility of your inventory by listing a variety of car types. For example, include family sedans, sports utility vehicles, economy vehicles and sports cars. This will make your dealership appeal to a broader readership.

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      Make a website for your dealership. Include a current list of your used car inventory, as well as information regarding the dealership's location and contact information. This allows users to easily browse your inventory and contact the dealership when interested. Furthermore, you will experience an increase in traffic due to local Internet users searching online for used car dealerships.

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      Include your used car inventory in online automotive classifieds. Many shoppers use online classifieds to quickly find local deals and locate specific makes and models they wish to purchase. Include numerous images of each vehicle you list online, as this builds buyers' confidence that the vehicles are in the condition listed in the advertisement.

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      Use local television and radio advertisements to market a sales event. Include a variety of vehicle types in the sale to attract the largest demographic possible. In addition to individual deals, hold a dealership-wide offering, such as a 10 percent increase on customer trade-in values.

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      Use online and print classifieds to stay up-to-date on deals and prices being offered by competing dealerships. Try to constantly stay ahead of the competition by offering better pricing and a larger variety of used car options.

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