How to Monitor for Radiation in Australia

Radiation is something that we all deal with on a daily basis, but when radiation levels become too high, it can lead to a number of health effects such as cancer and thyroid problems. If you live in Australia, there are a number of ways that you could monitor the radiation levels around you on a regular basis.


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      Participate in the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service. This is a service that is administered by the Australian government helps people who are regularly subjected to radiation in their jobs. With this program, you wear one of a number of different monitors while you are exposed to radiation. The monitors are then checked by the program to determine the amount of cumulative radiation that you are exposed to.

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      Visit the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization website to check radiation levels. They have a station in Engadine that constantly monitors radiation in the environment. They then post the results of this radiation testing on the website. This way, if the environment is subjected to a higher than average level of radiation, you will know about it.

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      Use a device such as a Geiger counter or a dosimeter to check the radiation levels in your area. With one of these devices, you can check the level of radiation in the air surrounding you. These devices are typically very accurate and can tell you when the radiation levels in the area are dangerous.

Tips & Warnings

  • Being exposed to some level of radiation is normal. Unless some kind of nuclear disaster occurs, most people are not exposed to enough radiation through natural causes to do much damage over their lifetimes.

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