How to Make a String Into a URL in Django

Django is a Web framework built on the Python programming language. It makes it easier to write and deploy Web applications written in Python. You can store data in a Django application as one of a number of types such as a string, an integer or a tuple. A URL is not an accepted type in Python but you can easily display a string as a URL using a line of Django code.


    • 1

      Open an editable version of the page or block of code in which you want to display a URL.

    • 2

      Type the following where you want the URL to appear:

      http://{{ string }}

      Replace "string" with the exact name of the field containing your string such as "webaddress" or "user_url."

    • 3

      Type the following if you want a clickable link to appear:

      <a href="http://{{ string }}">Link Title</a>

      Replace "string" with the exact name of the field containing the string. Replace "Link Title" with the text you want to appear as a clickable link.

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