How to Troubleshoot Refresh on a Samsung TV


When you watch television on a liquid crystal display, you might notice a blurring effect, especially when a lot of fast motion is on the screen. This is caused by a slower refresh rate on that TV. Samsung LCD TVs come with a feature called Auto Motion Plus that can up-convert a slower refresh rate and remove the blurring. Refresh rates are measured in the number of times per second the screen is re-drawn by the pixels in Hertz. Standard input sources are 60Hz. Auto Motion Plus can increase the output refresh rate and reduce blur and judder, a hesitation or jerkiness in the motion.

  • Check the input refresh rate. When you select a new source on your Samsung TV, the refresh rate of the input will be displayed on the screen along with the source. If the refresh rate is not 60Hz, then it will not display correctly on the TV. Adjust the refresh rate of the source according to the manual for that device. Note that the on-screen display of your Samsung TV only displays the input refresh rate, not the output.

  • Enable Auto Motion Plus if the picture is blurry. Press "Menu" on the remote control. Use the arrow buttons to highlight "Picture" and then press "Enter." Press the down-arrow until "Picture Options" is highlighted and then press "Enter." Highlight "Auto Motion Plus and press "Enter." Use the up and down arrows to select the mode you want. "Clear" uses low blur reduction and high judder reduction. "Standard" uses medium levels for blur and judder reduction. "Smooth" sets the blur reduction to high and the judder reduction to low. "Custom" allows you to choose the specific levels for the blur and judder reduction.

  • Switch off the Auto Motion Plus feature if things appear too smooth or clear. Movies and TV shows may have been filmed with blur intentionally to give the illusion of motion and speed. The Auto Motion Plus feature can remove the original intent of the filmmaker. If the images appear flat and washed out, you may want to ratchet the refresh rate back down.

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