How to Make Centerpiece Risers


A low and lush centerpiece might be an elegant addition to a table, but it could also blend in too much without the proper height. If you want to give a table centerpiece extra height, put a centerpiece riser underneath it. Centerpiece risers are very tall pedestals. They have plates at the top, stable bases at the bottom that are set on the table and long middles to extend the centerpieces into the air. When you make a centerpiece riser yourself, you have the creative freedom to make it as short or tall as you want it to be.

Things You'll Need

  • Tall cylinder vase
  • Glass glue
  • Large charger
  • 12-inch plastic foam discs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Trim
  • Scissors

Cylinder Vase Risers

  • Flip the glass cylinder vase upside down on the working surface, so that the open end is facing the table.

  • Apply glass glue to the top of the vase on the solid bottom. Press a large charger on top of the vase to affix to the glue. Wait for the glue to dry overnight. The charger acts as the pedestal plate that holds the centerpiece up on the glass vase riser.

  • Set the centerpiece on top of the charger. Place the centerpiece with the riser in the center of the table.

Plastic Foam Risers

  • Glue together a stack of 12-inch plastic foam discs. Determine how high to make the riser, and stack the necessary amount of plastic foam discs to achieve that height. Use hot glue from a hot glue gun to affix the discs on top of one another vertically. Wait for the glue to dry overnight.

  • Wrap trim fabric around the bottom disc. Cut the trim with scissors when it fits perfectly around the disc. Make additional trim pieces of the same length, one for every plastic foam disc that you used for the riser.

  • Apply hot glue to the outer rim around the foam discs. Lay the trim flat on the rim over the glue. By gluing trim onto the foam discs, you conceal the raw plastic foam material and give the discs a dressier look. The trim should correspond with the color scheme or style of the event you are hosting.

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