How to Teleport in "Zelda: The Wind Waker"

"The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker" for the Nintendo GameCube sees you playing Link as he tries to find his abducted sister. You take to the high seas aboard your boat, and explore islands as you try to track her down. To save time and effort, you can confront and defeat the creature that controls the game world's weather. Using a special ballad taught to you by this defeated foe, you will be able to teleport to places all over the game map.


    • 1

      Sail your boat via coordinates C-6, B-2 or D-3 to the Forsaken Fortress.

    • 2

      Head into the huge tornado that sometimes appears at these coordinates.

    • 3

      Fire three arrows with your bow into Cyclos, who lurks within the tornado.

    • 4

      Follow his instructions to play the Ballad of Gales. Press "Down," "Right," "Left" and "Up" when prompted; this tune will allow you teleport to various places on the world map.

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