How to Hide Home Entertainment Cabling

Incorrectly hiding your home entertainment cabling can result in several bad outcomes. For example, if you choose to hide the cables under the rug, you could end up with a lumpy carpet that might become a safety hazard over which you, your family or guests continually trip. Trying to hide them in the wall could result in your having to punch several holes in the walls and then repair them afterward. Correctly hiding your home entertainment cables will leave you with a professional “wireless” look without compromising safety and without damaging your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire ties
  • Miniature prybar
  • Cable baseboard
  • Hammer
  • Finishing nails
  • Ruler
  • Half-moon cable guard
  • U-tacks
  • Paint (that matches your wall)
  • Paintbrush


    • 1

      Bind the wires together using the wire ties at an interval of every six to eight inches. This will create one composite cable instead of multiple wires that trail in all sorts of directions.

    • 2

      Remove your baseboard using the miniature prybar.

    • 3

      Run the composite wire along the base of your carpet.

    • 4

      Cover the composite wire with the cable baseboard. Cable baseboard has a hollow backing that will house the wires. It also has nail holes that will keep the nail from hitting the underlying cables and vertical cable slots that allow you to insert cables or allow them to exit to a speaker or electric socket.

    • 5

      Thread the electric cables to the electric sockets and the speaker wires to your speakers.

    • 6

      Nail the cable baseboard into place using the hammer and finishing nails.

    • 7

      Measure the wall distance from the baseboard to the electric socket using the ruler.

    • 8

      Cut the half-moon cable guard to a length equal to the wall distance with a hand saw.

    • 9

      Thread the cable into the half-moon cable guard. Half-moon cable guard consists of a convex, half-column of tubing that fits flat against the wall and hides the wires in the rounded, hollow portion.

    • 10

      Nail the half-moon cable guard into place using the hammer and U-tacks, spacing the U-tacks at two-inch intervals. U-tacks consist of horseshoe-shaped nails that straddle the cable guard, holding it into place.

    • 11

      Paint the half-moon cable guard with the matching wall paint and paintbrush. Allow 24 hours for it to dry.

    • 12

      Run the loose wires along the back base of your equipment.

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