How to Decorate With Crystal & Silver Vases for a Wedding

A vital part of planning a wedding is deciding on what decorations will be placed at the ceremony and the reception. The decorations should enhance or match the colors you have set for the wedding and crystal and silver will complement nearly any color you have chosen for your theme. You can use crystal and silver vases as part of your wedding decorations in various ways, adding unique elements to make your venue look beautiful and timeless.

Things You'll Need

  • Artificial flower petals
  • Artificial berry branches
  • Floating candles
  • Tea lights
  • Aquarium rocks


  1. Decorating with Crystal Vases

    • 1

      Place a few artificial berry branches in the crystal vases to create a minimalistic accent piece for the tables at the wedding reception or at the ceremony venue.

    • 2

      Arrange flowers that complement the bride's bouquet into the crystal vases and fill them halfway with water. Place the vases at each table at the reception as a centerpiece or place them on the table with the wedding cake.

    • 3

      Place aquarium stones in the bottom of the crystal vases. Fill the vases with water and put a floating candle atop of the water. Sprinkle flower petals on the water so they float on the water with the candle.

    • 4

      Place the crystal vases side by side, arranging them from tallest to smallest, and place them on a long table or windowsill. The vases can be filled with floral arrangements or water with tea lights floating on top.

    Decorating with Silver Vases

    • 5

      Arrange flowers or berry branches in the silver vases to create a natural yet elegant centerpiece or accent piece.

    • 6

      Float a tea light and artificial flower petals in a silver vase full of water. This creates a timeless look for your ceremony or reception location.

    • 7

      Arrange silver vases from tallest to shortest and arrange bouquets of flowers in them; place the vases along a windowsill or ledge to create accent pieces.

    • 8

      Tie a colored ribbon around the narrowest part of the vase to add a touch of color to the vase; the ribbon should be a color that compliments your theme.

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