How to Keep Blonde Hair From Turning Brassy

Coloring your hair any shade, especially shades of blond, leaves your hair vulnerable to becoming brassy. Brassiness is often caused by exposing your hair to certain elements such as water or sun as well as harsh hair products. Keeping your blond locks looking radiant can be tricky, but with a few changes to your daily routine, you should be able to keep it from turning brassy.


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      Check the water you use daily for washing your hair. Well water sometimes contains iron, a mineral that often causes brassiness in hair. Bottled or filtered water is best for color treated hair, as it does not contain harsh additives. Adding a water softener to your shower will help ensure that the best water is being used to wash your hair.

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      Switch your shampoo and conditioners to color-treated formulas. Some basic shampoos and conditioners will have chemicals that will off-set the blond dye, causing the color to change or become brassy. Products designed for color-treated hair don't contain these chemicals. Also try using a violet shampoo once a week or every two weeks. Violet shampoo is a specialty shampoo that is purple in color and designed to neutralize brassy and yellow tones in hair. It is specifically designed for color-treated blond hair and can be found at beauty supply shops or purchased online. Be careful not to overuse the violet shampoo, as it may cause your hair to become purple.

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      Avoid excess exposure to the sun or swimming pools. The sun oxidizes color-treated hair, causing it to become brassy. Use a sun-protection spray before going out in the sun. Also avoid swimming in pools with excess chlorine. Swimming pools are notorious for oxidizing blond hair, making it brassy or even green. In addition to the violet shampoo, a clarifying shampoo will help restore hair from the damage caused by pools or sun exposure. Clarifying shampoo is a specialty shampoo found at most salons or beauty supply shops and is designed to remove excess build up on hair, such as residues from hair gels and styling creams. This build-up will oxidize blond hair, causing it to turn brassy faster than clean hair.

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