How to Link to 301 Redirects' SEO

When you change the page names on your website, you need to redirect the old page to the new page with a 301 redirect for search engine optimization. If you don't, search engine bots will return a 404 file not found error rather that going to the appropriate new page and indexing the content. Properly redirecting your content for SEO is different for Windows and Apache servers.


  1. Windows Server

    • 1

      Log in to your Internet Services Manager. Navigate to the page you want to redirect.

    • 2

      Double-click "HTTP Redirect."

    • 3

      Type the new page URL.

    • 4

      Click "Redirect all requests to exact destination."

    • 5

      Click "Apply."

    Apache Server

    • 6

      Open your ".htaccess" file. You can do this through a host's file management utility or your FTP client.

    • 7

      Redirect 301 /directory/oldpage.html

      Change the directories and page names as appropriate for your site.

    • 8

      Save and close your ".htaccess" file.

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