How to Exchange Gifts on IMVU

IMVU is a free online program that allows you to create your own profile, customize your own avatar and interact with a variety of different users. When using the site, you can exchange gifts with other users in the form of clothing. These clothes can then be worn by the avatar you have given them to.


    • 1

      Log onto IMVU.

    • 2

      Click on the "Shop" tab at the top of the "Home" page and select "Browse the Catalogue" from the drop-down menu.

    • 3

      Select the type of clothing you would like to browse from the tabs at the top of the page. Scroll through the clothing until you find an item of clothing you would like to give.

    • 4

      Click on the "Gift" button below the item. Select a contact from your list of contacts that you would like to send the gift to. Click on the "Buy as gift" button to send the gift.

    • 5

      Ask your contact to return the favor and send you a clothing gift from the catalog.

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