How to Make Little Baby Diaper Pin Ons

Cocktail napkins, in plain white or cute patterns, can make crafty diaper pins for baby shower guests. To play a popular baby shower game, make a diaper pin for each guest and squirt a small amount of mustard inside one of them. Have guests check and provide a gift for the guest with the dirty diaper. Another idea is to turn the diapers into name tags by labeling each one.

Things You'll Need

  • Square cocktail napkins
  • Diaper pin or small safety pin


    • 1

      Fold a square paper cocktail napkin in half to make a triangle. Place the triangle on your work surface with the center point aimed downward.

    • 2

      Fold one side point about two thirds of the way toward the opposite corner. Hold in place and fold the opposite corner over by two thirds as well. Fold the center corner up and bend the point over the edge of the folded sides. The result looks like a cloth diaper after it's been put on a baby with leg holes and a waist hole.

    • 3

      Pin the three folded corners together with a safety pin or small diaper pin. The pin goes through all layers of the diaper and the wearer's shirt so it can be worn like a broach.

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