How to Fish With a Fluke Worm

The Zoom Fluke is a soft plastic worm made by the Zoom fishing lure company that fishermen use to imitate prey fish, such as shiners. A wide variety of fish will hit the fluke bait, though most anglers use them when they are specifically looking to catch bass. The most productive way to rig a fluke, which is 4 inches in length, is on a plain fishing hook. Flukes can be fished in many of the habitats where bass are found, including under docks and trees, and through weed beds.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing rod and reel
  • Fishing line
  • 4/0 fishing hook


    • 1

      Push the hook point into the middle of the fluke's head. Press it down an inch and then push the hook point out the bottom of the fluke.

    • 2

      Push the fluke up the hook shank until it is just below the eye of the 4/0 hook.

    • 3

      Rotate the hook so the point faces the fluke and then press the hook into the bait's belly. Push the hook point through the lure and stop just after it protrudes from the top of the fluke.

    • 4

      Tie the hooked fluke to the end of 8-pound test fishing line using a Palomar knot.

    • 5

      Cast the fluke on sunny days under docks and trees that hang over the shoreline. Allow the bait to sink and then twitch your rod tip to impart action on the lure. Allow the bait to sink again, then twitch it again. Repeat this retrieve until the lure is back at the boat or shore. Other good spots to fish flukes are around weed beds, downed timber and over shallow rocks. Experiment with how hard you twitch the bait and how long you allow it to fall toward the bottom.

    • 6

      Watch your line for an indication of a strike. Set the hook of the line starts to move sideways, or if you feel extra weight on the end of the line. Sweep the rod tip firmly to the side to set the hook.

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