Removing the Pieces of a Steel Linked Watch

Metal watch band links often require adjustment, especially if the watch is brand new and has yet to be fitted. Fortunately, specialized watch band pin pusher tools exist to accurately remove the pins, without damage to the surrounding links. By removing these links specifically for your wrist, you can customize the watch just for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Band adjustment cube
  • Tap hammer
  • Watch band pin pusher
  • Needle nose pliers


    • 1

      Lay the watchband with the embossed arrow facing down into one of the notches into the watchband cube. Locate a link on the band toward the center.

    • 2

      Set the tip of the pin removal tool into the hole occupied by the pins you want to remove. Tap the tool with the hammer, sliding the pin out of the other side. You are removing two pins per link.

    • 3

      Remove the watchband. Grab the pin with the needle nose pliers. Slide it free.

    • 4

      Pop out the link. Move the links up to shorten the band. Slide the pin into the holes in the direction of the embossed arrows to complete the adjustment.

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