How to Get Animated Backgrounds on YouTube

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Animated backgrounds make your YouTube channel more fun.

Each YouTube user has a channel, which displays the user's profile information and any videos they have liked and uploaded, and any playlists they created. If you upload many videos or have people visit your YouTube channel, you might want to make it look more fun with an animated background. You can get an animated background by finding an animated image and uploading it to your YouTube channel under your theme's settings.


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      Find an animated image you want to be your YouTube channel's background. You can find animated images by browsing image and background websites for other social networking websites. Popular websites are Free Glitters, Dollie Crave and Hot-Lyts. Save it to your computer as a .GIF image; this is the only kind of image format that allows animation.

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      Log in to your YouTube account.

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      Click on your username on the upper-right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu named "My Account" will open.

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      Click "Channel" under "My Account." Your channel will open, with a silver bar at the top of the page.

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      Click "Themes and Colors" on the silver bar. Several preset themes will open underneath the bar.

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      Click "Show advanced options" under the preset themes. More options will open on the same page, underneath the preset themes.

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      Click the "Choose File" button next to "Background Image." A window will open.

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      Select the .GIF file you saved in the window and click "OK."

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      Click "Save Changes" at the top of the page.

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