How to Get a Song on Radio Pandora

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Pandora Radio's name is that of the first woman in Greek mythology.

Pandora is an Internet radio site that allows users to create music stations based on songs or artists they enter upon creation of the stations. The site uses this information to find similar music and artists on those stations. The site does not play music on demand. For example, the songs that users input to build a station do not typically play on that station. However, users can sometimes get the song they are looking for by inputting other information. Users can also use the "buy song" option when they hear a song they enjoy.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
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  1. Get Pandora to Play a Song

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      Visit the Pandora website or start the app. Create a user account if you would like to save your stations. If not, you do not need an account to use Pandora Radio.

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      Enter the name of the artist who plays the song for which you are searching. Do not enter the song name, as the site is less likely to play it if you do so.

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      Wait for the station to play the song that you want to hear. Skip six songs an hour with a Pandora One account. Free-account holders can only skip 12 songs per day.

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      Listen to the station until it plays the song you want. The site is ad supported, so you will have to sit through 30-second ads every few songs. Unfortunately, this may not work. Pandora does not have rights to some music, so even this method may not get the song you want.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only skip songs that you do not like or you will find yourself sitting through songs you do not like later on with no skips left.

  • Do not use Pandora if you are looking to listen to a particular song immediately. It can be a long time before your song plays, if ever.

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