How to Knit Double Strand

When you hold two strands of yarn together, you create a thicker knitted fabric than you would with a single strand. Double-stranded yarn can stand in for yarn of a bulkier weight. It also makes a tighter, sturdier piece when knitted with the same size needles as the yarn does when single-stranded. One benefit to working double-stranded is that you can create a mottled color blend by using two different shades of yarn, similar to a variegated yarn.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 balls yarn
  • Knitting needles


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      Work a gauge swatch before knitting double-stranded. Cast on the number of stitches and use the recommended needle size for yarn of the next heavier weight. For example, when knitting worsted-weight yarn double-stranded, use the guidelines for bulky-weight yarn. Adjust the gauge of your pattern accordingly.

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      Wind your yarn with a ball winder and swift to create skeins that sit flat. This helps keep the yarn from rolling away or becoming tangled when you work with it.

    • 3

      Lay the two balls of yarn side by side. Pull the ends from the inside of the balls and hold the ends together so that the strand length is even.

    • 4

      Cast on loosely while holding the strands together. Turn your work or join to work in the round.

    • 5

      Insert the knitting needle under both strands of the first stitch, from left to right. Wrap the needle and pull the yarn through both strands together as if knitting with a single strand of yarn.

    • 6

      Check for tangling of the two strands after knitting every row. Untangle the yarn by crossing the skeins over each other as necessary.

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