How to Knit Double Strand

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When you hold two strands of yarn together, you create a thicker knitted fabric than you would with a single strand. Double-stranded yarn can stand in for yarn of a bulkier weight. It also makes a tighter, sturdier piece when knitted with the same size needles as the yarn does when single-stranded. One benefit to working double-stranded is that you can create a mottled color blend by using two different shades of yarn, similar to a variegated yarn.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 balls yarn
  • Knitting needles


  1. Work a gauge swatch before knitting double-stranded. Cast on the number of stitches and use the recommended needle size for yarn of the next heavier weight. For example, when knitting worsted-weight yarn double-stranded, use the guidelines for bulky-weight yarn. Adjust the gauge of your pattern accordingly.

  2. Wind your yarn with a ball winder and swift to create skeins that sit flat. This helps keep the yarn from rolling away or becoming tangled when you work with it.

  3. Lay the two balls of yarn side by side. Pull the ends from the inside of the balls and hold the ends together so that the strand length is even.

  4. Cast on loosely while holding the strands together. Turn your work or join to work in the round.

  5. Insert the knitting needle under both strands of the first stitch, from left to right. Wrap the needle and pull the yarn through both strands together as if knitting with a single strand of yarn.

  6. Check for tangling of the two strands after knitting every row. Untangle the yarn by crossing the skeins over each other as necessary.




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