How to Get to the MLB Faster on Road to the Show on "MLB 2010"

"MLB 10: The Show" is a professional sports game that allows you to play as any Major League Baseball team from the 2009 roster, and it is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 platform. One mode from previous versions in the series that returns to this game is the Career mode, in which you play as a created character as he goes from the minor leagues to the majors. If you do not want to sit and play every individual game, you can expedite the process to the majors by simulating the season.


    • 1

      Load "MLB 10: The Show" to the main menu.

    • 2

      Select "Career Mode."

    • 3

      Press "X" on "Load" and select a saved game if you have one. Press "X" on "New" if you do not have a saved game. Modify your player as you wish, including his skin and hair color, height and weight; his appearance is for personal preference only.

    • 4

      Select the game you want to simulate to. For example, if you are up to the April 20 game, select the Aug. 20 game to simulate four months' worth of games.

    • 5

      Select "Simulate" when prompted. "MLB 10" will simulate the games you selected in order in real time, stopping when it reaches the game you chose to simulate. If your player has made it to the majors, a message will appear at this time.

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