How to Get Volunteers for Children's Churches

Finding volunteers to help with children's ministries in a church can seem like a 24-hour job for youth directors. There are always volunteers needed to help fill roles to make a children's church ministry successful. Finding help, matching those people with a project and getting them to commit is easier said than done. On top of that, keeping current volunteers happy presents another challenge. Being creative, having good communication and giving people volunteer assignments that suit their schedule can help ease the burden -- and reduce the turnover rate.


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      Put on a fair that showcases all the volunteer opportunities available in the children's ministry. Show pictures and videos of what past volunteers did; invite a few of them back and have them share their testimonials.

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      Give people a way to access volunteer opportunities 24/7. This could include setting up a special hotline where they can call in and hear a recorded message about volunteering opportunities.

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      Create a website where volunteer openings are posted daily. People can check the website at their convenience, and sign up to volunteer as their schedule permits.

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      Set up a volunteer booth at church each week. This allows people to get information directly from other people and may make it easier to persuade them to pursue a volunteer opportunity.

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      Announce volunteer opportunities during church services, because you can reach a large amount of people at one time. At the very least, have the pastor talk about available volunteer opportunities. Be creative about ways to make the announcement: Put together a slideshow presentation or a video, or have the youth put on a skit.

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      Stay in touch with prospective volunteers. Because it is sometimes hard to find people who can share their time, do not lose contact with people interested in volunteering. Have volunteers make calls to prospective volunteers interested in doing something similar. For instance, if a previous volunteer helped teach Sunday school, have him help make calls for additional Sunday school teachers.

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      Remind current volunteers how much their help is appreciated. If it appears they have too much work on their hands, find other volunteers who can step up and take some of the work off their hands. Volunteers who do not seem as enthusiastic, who do not seem as willing to help or who do not produce the quality of work they once did may be getting burned out. Give these volunteers a gift, such as a small gift card, as a token of appreciation.

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