How to Talk With a Boss to Negotiate Salary


The prospect of negotiating a salary increase with your employer can be nerve-racking. Going through financial tough times may prompt one person to consider asking for a raise; another may wish to renegotiate his salary due to a higher-paying job offer. Anyone who desires a salary increase should approach the issue evenhandedly.

  • Examine your current job duties and the contributions you make or have made to the company. Ask how you have improved since starting the job. Listing your assets can help you to “sell” yourself when negotiating for a higher salary.

  • Identify weaknesses that may impede your job performance. Improve upon these weaknesses before talking with your boss. If you appear more valuable to your boss, you increase your chance of negotiating successfully.

  • Evaluate your capability to assume new or broadened responsibilities. Demonstrate a willingness to effectively handle more work-related responsibilities, which communicates to your employer that you have the company’s interests at heart.

  • Compare the compensation of your job position with the upper and lower rates related to your field of work. Navigate to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website, where you can research your job position and discover the range of average salaries for people in your professional position. Use a recent comparable job offer as another benchmark reference.

  • Consider your salary request in regard to the company’s current position. If your employer is making substantial fiscal cuts to remain viable, the possibility of receiving higher compensation may be less likely, or the compensation may be reduced from the rate you desire.

  • Approach your boss at an opportune time. Avoid talking to him during high-stress situations or when work quotas have not been met.

  • Convey to your employer that you value your position and want to realize your full potential. Ask your boss for a candid rundown concerning your job performance and what can be done to boost efficiency. Offer ideas that will promote shared success.

  • Refrain from mentioning personal financial issues when asking the boss for a raise. Mention industry standard compensation rates and those offered by competing companies to agree on an equitable pay increase.


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