How to Make Funny Facebook Smileys With Codes

You can show a friend how you feel in an instant message with funny emoticons, or smileys. Smileys are made using widely-recognized codes and can communicate when you are happy, sad or in a silly mood. Facebook has programmed several funny smiley faces specifically for its chat feature. When you type the code on your keyboard, a graphic appears in the chat box. You can make an angel smiley, a kissing smiley and even a Pacman smiley.


    • 1

      Open the chat sidebar from any page on Facebook, if it is not already open. Click the bar labeled "Chat," located in the bottom right corner of the page. The sidebar appears with a list of some of your Facebook friends.

    • 2

      Click the name of any friend who's available to chat. A green dot next to a name indicates availability. A chat box pops open next to the sidebar.

    • 3

      Type the code (minus quotation marks) to display one of the Facebook smileys in the text field. Type ":P" for a smiley sticking out its tongue. Type ":v" for a pacman smiley. Type ":-*" for a kissing smiley. The characters "O:)" make an angel, and ":O" creates a shocked smiley.

Tips & Warnings

  • More Facebook smileys include:

  • ~

  • A pig = 3:)

  • Sunglasses-wearing smiley = 8|

  • A penguin = <(")

  • A robot = :|]

  • Winking smiley = ;)

  • ~

  • You can type the above codes or copy and paste them in the text field for chats.

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