How to Get the Pack a Punch Machine in New Zombies

The Pack a Punch machines are consoles located in every Zombies map, including Ascension, part of a zombie-survival mode in the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" video game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These machines allow you to upgrade your weapons to give them greater stopping power and make them cause more damage. In the Ascension map, the Pack a Punch machine is hidden behind a locked garage door, which you can unlock by completing certain tasks.


    • 1

      Follow the lightning bolt-shaped arrows to the power generator. When you reach the generator, a button prompt will appear. Press the button that appears on your screen to flip the switch and turn the power on.

    • 2

      Check your in-game map. There will be three distinct icons representing the Lunar Lander lifts scattered throughout the area. Go to each Lunar Lander and activate all three of them.

    • 3

      Return to the main building where you activated the power generator earlier. Go back to the room at the top of the building with the generator switch. Adjacent to the switch, you will find a console with a button you can press. Push the button to initiate the rocket launch sequence.

    • 4

      Go down two flights of stairs in the same building. Exit the building through this room and follow the linear path to a garage door that was previously closed. Enter the door to find the Pack a Punch machine.

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