How to Install Jon-E Hand Warmer Elements

The Jon-E hand warmer is an item for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and snowmobiling. It's a small heater, fueled by lighter fluid. Constructed with a metal housing, these little heaters are pretty sturdy. Not much can go wrong with them short of running out of fuel or having the heating element go bad. Refilling is simple enough and changing the element is simple as well.

Things You'll Need

  • New Jon-E hand warmer heating element
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      Remove the Jon-E hand warmer from the carrying bag. This bag is used to carry the hand warmer and to provide some safety from the metal unit, which can become very hot during use.

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      Remove the top of the Jon-E hand warmer to expose the heating element. Grab the sides of the heating element and lift it off of the unit. Avoid touching the interior, fiber portion of the heating element as this can ruin it.

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      Fill the hand warmer with lighter fluid, this is an opportune time to do so. Removing the element is required for re-filling the hand warmer. There's no sense in going through the process twice.

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      Install the new heating element by placing it firmly on the unit. There is a beveled, extruded metal area that the heating element sits on. Be cautious not to pinch the wick under the heating element. The wick sticks up put of the unit, next to the heating element.

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      Wipe down the Jon-E hand warmer housing to remove any spilled fluid, light the wick, replace the top cap of the unit and replace the unit in the carrying bag for use.

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