How to Make a Bat in Maya

Populating a scene in Maya, or any three-dimensional (3-D) software application, requires adding enough props to give the scene a feeling of reality. Real world locations are filled with items of every sort, ranging from trash and other useless things to cars and houses. Scenes that lack this abundance of stuff just don't look real. For example, a scene that is going to be set in a ballpark is going to require that the players have bats in their hands. Making a bat in Maya is a simple process.


    • 1

      Start the Maya application. Select "Create" and choose "Polygon Primitives." From the options, choose "Cylinder."

    • 2

      Click in the view and drag with the mouse to draw out the cylinder. Go to "Window" and click "Attribute Editor." In the dialog that appears, increase the number of polygons in the cylinder so you can edit it and get smooth results.

    • 3

      Click "F10" to switch to edge selection mode. Use the selection tool select the line around the cylinder at one end. Use the "Scale" function to reduce the scale to what you want for the tip of the handle on the bat.

    • 4

      Move to the next line and reduce it to what you want for the begging slope of the bat. Continue this process of resizing the lines around the cylinder to produce the shape of your bat. Save your work by clicking "Save."

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