How to Get Displacer Gloves Other Than Caesars in "Fallout: New Vegas"

In "Fallout: New Vegas," guns and explosives are the most powerful types of weapons, but players who want a challenge can fight enemies with only their fists. The Unarmed skill governs fist-fighting, and the Displacer Glove boosts the power of hand-to-hand combat. When you punch an enemy with the Displacer Glove equipped, a damaging shock wave appears and forces him back. Caesar, leader of a gang of loyal savages, wears a Displacer Glove. You don't need to kill him to get one of your own, though, as you can buy and find Displacer Gloves throughout the Mojave Wasteland.


    • 1

      Go to Mick & Ralph's shop in the Freeside area of the New Vegas strip. Talk to Mick to buy the Displacer Glove.

    • 2

      Go to the Hoover Dam on the eastern side of the Wasteland. Enter the main building and go to the office area. Buy the Displacer Glove from Bardon.

    • 3

      Head to Red Rock Canyon in the northwestern area of the Wasteland. If the Great Khans who live there like you, you can buy the Displacer Glove from the Armorer.

    • 4

      Go inside the Hidden Valley Bunker in the center of the Wasteland. Talk to Knight Torres to purchase the Displacer Glove.

    • 5

      Find the Ruby Hill Mine in the northwest part of the Wasteland. Examine the Jackal Gang member's corpse to get a free Displacer Glove.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have the PC version of the game, press "~" to open the cheat console, type "player.additem WeapNVDisplacerGlove 00155E6" and press "Enter" to receive a free Displacer Glove in your inventory.

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