How to Delete a Market Cache on Android

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Applications running on an Android-based smart phone store information temporarily in an area of the memory called the "cache." The Market app, for example, might store a list of the apps that you've recently viewed in the cache. Using a cache in this way allows the Market to quickly reload recently accessed data, rather than downloading it again. If the Market cache grows too large, however, it can use up memory that other apps need to use. To remedy this, delete the Market cache from your Android device.

  • Press the "Menu" button on your Android, then tap the "Settings" icon.

  • Tap "Applications" in the list of options that opens, and tap "Manage Applications."

  • Scroll down to the entry for "Market," and tap it.

  • Tap the "Clear Cache" button to delete the Market cache, then press the "Home" button to return to the Android's home screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • The amount of memory that the Android Market app is using for the cache appears next to "Cache."


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