How to Downsize to Simplify Your Life

A simple life has its benefits. Less worries, more freedom and less responsibility are just some of the advantages. If you have bit off more than you can chew and are constantly worrying about the problems in your life, it may be time for you to downsize. There are a host of areas in your life where you can downsize whether it be in your finances, possessions or relationships. If your life is heading in directions you don't want it to take, you can benefit from making things simple by downsizing.


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      Reduce your possessions. Even if the amount of clutter and possessions you have seems overwhelming, start with baby steps. Pick out one room to focus on and slowly work your way towards other parts of your house. Dispose of the possessions by having a garage sale or selling them online or in the newspaper. You can even donate your possessions to charity.

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      Extricate yourself from superfluous relationships. While everyone needs a strong support network of friends during good and bad times, an excess of acquaintances can burn your candle of life at both ends. Having too many acquaintances is a heavy burden that can distract your attention away from you and your family.

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      Get rid of your credit cards. Even if you are diligent about paying your credit card debts, the debt in itself is a heavy burden. It's just one more thing for you to think about. Paying cash for everything you purchase, on the other hand, will relieve you of the burden of having to pay a debt later.

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      Separate what you absolutely need from what you merely want. Buying that 30th pair of shoes or your third car is not really necessary. Give yourself adequate food and shelter and take up a hobby such as running or swimming.

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      Quit a bad habit. If you watch too much television, get rid of your television and replace the time you spent watching television by reading. Or if you smoke or drink too much, take some time away from the life of intoxication and participate in wholesome fun such as fishing or kite flying.

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      Get rid of your cellular phone. If you must have a telephone, opt for a land-line phone instead. This will force you to devote your attention to the real world instead of the digital world.

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