How to Have a Project Kick-Off Meeting

A project kick-off meeting occurs when a proposed project has passed the preliminary status and moved to full approval. The meeting's purpose is to announce the formal start of the project, the goals of the project, to show management's commitment to the project, to boost motivation and to allow all of the project team members to get to know each other.

Things You'll Need

  • Multimedia equipment
  • Photocopier
  • Snacks


    • 1

      Print out relevant materials before the meeting. This includes a list of team members with contact information, a project timeline, key goals and milestones. These materials should be passed out once the meeting starts.

    • 2

      Secure a projector or any other multimedia items that you need to use during the meeting. Your organization's training department can assist you getting the items you need.

    • 3

      Invite a member of senior management to attend your project kick-off meeting. This will help energize your team as senior management discusses the importance of the project to the team. It also serves to motivate the team.

    • 4

      Schedule the meeting for early in the day to start the day off on the positive news of the project moving forward. This keeps the team energized.

    • 5

      Serve light refreshments during the meeting to keep the mood upbeat and celebratory.

    • 6

      Ask each project member to give an introduction to the rest of the group and describe his or her role on the project.

    • 7

      Discuss the materials you printed and handed out, especially the project timeline. This sets up expectations of tasks that need completion and the deadline date for those tasks.

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