How to Make Tangram Shapes With Six Pieces

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A tangram is a puzzle of Chinese origin made up of seven pieces called "tans." The most commonly seen tangram is to fit each of the seven pieces into a square. The seven pieces in the puzzle are five triangles of varying size, one square and one parallelogram. A variation of the tangram game with six pieces uses four triangles the same size and two different-size chevrons. The chevrons add a degree of difficulty to an already difficult puzzle.

Things You'll Need

  • 6 tangram pieces


  • Make a square from the six tangram pieces by placing two of the triangles together with the long sides touching to make a small square.

  • Place the larger chevron onto the square with the point of the chevron pointing away from the square.

  • Place the smaller chevron onto the point of the larger chevron.

  • Line the last two triangles with the long sides of the triangles against the chevrons to make the last two corners of the square.


  • Place one triangle with the top tip point up. Place one more triangle on the right edge of the first triangle with the tip touching the first triangle. Place a third triangle on the right side of the second with the tip of that triangle pointing down touching the tips of the other two triangles.

  • Insert the larger chevron with the tip pointing toward the top points of the triangles.

  • Insert the smaller chevron with the tip pointing toward the triangles and into the larger chevron.

  • Insert the last triangle with the tip of the triangle pointing into the smaller chevron.


  • Place one triangle on the work surface with the tip pointing up.

  • Place another triangle against the right side of the first with the tips touching.

  • Place a third triangle against the long side of the second triangle.

  • Insert the tip of the third triangle into the larger chevron.

  • Insert the tip of the larger chevron into the smaller chevron. Place the last triangle with the tip pointing down against the top edge of the smaller chevron.


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