How to Make Your Tumblr Page Automatically Go to Old Posts

In May 2008 Tumblr introduced the ability to display an entire page of posts by their tags, as well as a method for arranging these in chronological order, rather than in the standard reverse chronological order that Tumblr usually moves in. When you create a tag page, you can append the URL with "/chrono" to make the posts display chronologically by default. Users can, at any time, remove this from the URL to reverse the order of your posts.


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      Open the Customization page at, or by clicking your username on the dashboard and going to "Customize Appearance."

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      Click "Pages" and select "Add a Page" to create a new page for your Tumblr blog.

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      Set a short URL for your tag page -- e.g. "" -- and select "Redirect" from the Page type drop-down menu. In the "Redirect to" box, enter your tag URL and add "/chrono" to the end, e.g. "" This will set the URL "" to display all posts tagged with "tag" in chronological order when people visit the page.

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      Click "Show a link to this page" if you want the page listed on your Tumblr blog's description or sidebar. Enter a name for your link.

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      Click "Create Page" to finalize your page, and "Save" on the Customize page to save changes to your blog.

Tips & Warnings

  • Setting a tag page in chronological order can work for a series -- such as a series of stories or comics -- or simply for displaying certain kinds of posts. If you post artwork, creating a page based on the tag "art" gives visitors a chance to see all your work on one page.
  • The "chrono" addition to a URL does not work on your blog's main page. For instance, "" does not reveal posts in chronological order. It also doesn't work on generic tag pages. "" will result in a 404 error.
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