How to Hit Badminton Backhand

Anyone who plays badminton should be comfortable hitting both forehand shots --- those on the racket side of the body --- and backhand shots, on the non-racket side of the body. During competitive badminton matches, opposing players likely will try to hit the shuttlecock to your backhand side because most players cannot shoot backhand shots as fluently as they can hit forehand shots. In addition, players cannot generate as much power with a backhand shot. As a result, the backhand shot is considered a defensive shot.


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      Watch the shuttlecock as it travels toward you. If you are holding the racket in your left hand, turn your body so your left foot faces the shuttlecock. If you are holding the racket in your right hand, turn your body so your right foot faces the shuttlecock.

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      Shift your weight to your back foot as you bring the racket across your body, toward your back. Stop when your hand is about even with your shoulder.

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      Rotate your wrist so the racket's hitting surface faces the shuttlecock.

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      Shift your weight to your front foot as you swing the racket forward. Begin the swing as the shuttlecock nears your body.

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      Strike the shuttlecock with the racket when the shuttlecock is even with your body. Snap your wrist as the ball strikes the shuttlecock. Doing so increases the velocity at which the shuttlecock travels.

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      Swing through the shuttlecock. Once the shot is complete, your palm should face your opponent.

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