How to Help the King Get to His Castle in Scribblenauts

The puzzle game "Scribblenauts" takes a different approach to solving brainteasers. Armed with a dictionary and a pencil, you type in a word to create an object on the screen. You then manipulate the object to move forward and solve the puzzle. In level 4-11P, you need to help a king cross a lava pit and return to his castle. Even worse, a dragon blocks your path into the castle. As with all puzzles in "Scribblenauts," there are multiple ways to get the king to the castle.


  1. Fighter Plane Method

    • 1

      Open the dictionary and type "rope." A rope appears. Attach one end of it to the king and attach the other end to the nearby door.

    • 2

      Type "fighter" in the dictionary. Select "airplane." When the fighter jet appears, attach it to your head.

    • 3

      Hover across the lava pit. Tap on the fighter jet to get inside of it. Tap it again to shoot the dragon and kill it.

    • 4

      Tap the jet to get out of it. Flip the switch and get back into the jet. Get next to the king. Tap the end of the rope that is attached to the door and quickly attach it to the plane.

    • 5

      Fly over to the castle while you drag the king on the rope. When you drop the king off in the castle, the Starite medal appears. Pick it up to complete the level.

    Bomb and Raincloud Method

    • 6

      Open your dictionary. Type "bomb." Move the bomb over to where the dragon is located, on the other side of the room.

    • 7

      Type "match" in the dictionary. Pick up the match and walk to the bomb to light it. Run away, and the bomb explodes, killing the dragon.

    • 8

      Type "wings" and drag the wings onto yourself to put them on. Fly over the fires blocking the entrance to the castle.

    • 9

      Type "raincloud." Move the cloud over the fires to put them out. Type "lift bridge." Place the bridge over the lava pit.

    • 10

      Tap the switch to flip it, opening the drawbridge for the king. Drag the lift bridge into the trash to remove it. When the king reaches the castle, you get the Starite and complete the level.

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